Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello modern world!

To those who know me, yes, the rumors are true.  I have begrudgingly embraced to comforts of modern day technology and am now on the path to become a technology obsessed drone with an inability to function without a computer or (horrors) without an iphone!

To those of you who are strangers, welcome to TheEdCress.blogspot.com.  I have one of them thar blog things here, but also this site has multiple pages for you to browse at your leisure.  I encourage you to read some of my plays or short stories, view my videos and listen to my audio dramas.   Though there isn't much there now, I know, but I am hoping this blog/website will encourage me to be more prolific.

I will attempt to update this blog daily with long winded observations, embarrassing revelations and short, pointless entries when I am feeling lazy...which will be often.  For now, I will just say hi, and leave it at that.  Explore!  Read!  View!  Listen!  Other verbs!  I'll talk to you all soon.