About TheEdCress

TheEdCress is a Long Island based Renaissance Nerd with a passion for theatre, a paradoxical addiction and phobia of technology and a puppy.  He lives on said Island with said puppy.

TheEdCress has a bachelors degree from SUNY Purchase in Drama studies. In addition to four and a half years studying the French language and a semester of studying the Italian language, he also extensively studied the performing arts.

Prior to his educational experience, he spent three years experience as a preschool teacher. During that time he had the opportunity to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and learn not only what it means to interact with children in a meaningful way, but also to learn about how to keep their parents feeling satisfied and comfortable by establishing rapport with them.

For the past two years TheEdCress has been working as a theatre teacher, consultant and performer in various high schools on Long Island and Brooklyn.  In this field he offers private coaching to students, as well as workshops in improvisation and basic acting skills.  He is also available for consultation purposes for teachers who are interested in mounting their own productions in a high school setting.  And of course it won't take much persuading to get him up on stage doing live performances for your students, or your theatre audiences on dark weekends.

Currently he is a major contributor, editor, podcast personality and blogger for www.ragnerdrok.com as well as a proofreader, copywriter and web designer for www.sadlittlerobot.com.

It should be noted that TheEdCress is also currently in hiding from the Byzantine Empire, whom he betrayed to the Turks leading to the now famous fall of Constantinople. Constantine XI, who was thought to have been killed during this event is in reality a vengeful time lord who has vowed to execute TheEdCress for his crimes.  Please tell no one where he is.