Take a peek at TheEdCress' disturbed sense of humor through his medium of choice:  Play Scripts.  Click on the links to read snippets from his plays, or in some cases read the whole play.

Life and Death in Jaffna (The Musical!)

Distinguished Professor of Theatre George Fern is leading a troupe of American community theatre actors on a world tour of Waiting for Godot (The Musical!), sponsored by the sinister conglomerate Globo-Tech.  Their current stop is the wartorn city of Jaffna, in Sri Lanka.  However, when they arrive, it seems Globo-Tech has gone out of their way to suppress all signs of civil war in order to make their toe-tapping musical a success.  This multi-media, vignette based, absurd, musical comedy runs approximately one hour and is four six actors of any gender, 1m and a small ensemble.  Click on the link for a four page preview!

Grammy Jean's Spaghetti Dinner

Free spirited Samantha Harper has recently become engaged to her very English fiancee Phillip Browning. Before they can tie the knot, Phillip has to survive meeting her sexually liberated Grammy Jean, her seedy Uncle Jasper and her boisterous Great Aunt Ethel.  And if that isn't enough, there's also a bottle of vodka, Phillip's frightened parents and a big bowl of Spaghetti to contend with.  This one act farce runs approximately forty minutes and is for 4w and 3m.  Click on the link for a five page preview!

The King and Queen
(based on a photo by Diane Arbus)

Lord and Lady Custard are a married couple with the best relationship two people who hate each other can have.  This bleak, absurd comedy run approximately ten minutes and is for 1w an 1m.  Click on the link to read the whole play!

Three Rats

Dewhurst and Dungberry are two thieves for hire.  Their employer has assigned them a simple task.  Break into Professor Lafayette's laboratory and steal a specimen of DNA.  Self proclaimed genius, Dewhurst, takes this opportunity to share his "education" from "the school of hard knocks" with his dimwitted cohort Dungberry.  Dewhurst even shares the recipe for a potion he invented which turns it's drinker into a rat.  This black comedy run approximately one hour and is for 2m.  Click on the link for a five page preview!


A mute writer (Terrance), a deaf nurse (Olivia), and a blind old woman (Mrs. Prune) meet at an existential bus stop, haunted by what appears to be some sort of evil ghost bus.  Each of them desperately wants what the others can't provide.  Their inability to communicate and the evil ghost bus lead to their self destruction.  This dark, absurd comedy run approximately ten minutes and is for 2w and 1m.  Contact TheEdCress to learn more!

Fear and Loathing in Los Suenos

This highly personal piece is a one man, autobiographical performance piece about my struggles with anxiety, my relationship with my grandmother, childhood fears, medication (prescription or otherwise), family issues and clowns.  It is for 1m and runs approximately fifteen minutes.  Contact TheEdCress to learn more!

Le Petit Mort

A man battles sleeplessness due to a loudmouth pet canary and winds up finding way more trouble than he bargained for.  This piece runs approximately three minutes and is for 1m. Click on the link to read the whole play!

A Play by Tennessee Williams

Mommy, a fine southern woman, is the matriarch of a very familiar dysfunctional family.  Her son Sonny has ambiguous sexual practices and reads what she considers to be filth, while her loopy daughter Poppy claims that they are all characters from a Tennessee Williams play.  What will hard drinking Daddy say?  This dark satire runs approximately ten minutes and is for 2w and 2m.  Click on the link for a three page preview!